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I woke up some time between 5 – 6 a.m. today after sleeping really poorly. It struck me what a strange, rather emotional time of day that is. You know already you are going to be tired that day and that the chance of a decent sleep has gone. There is still mainly silence outside and you feel strangely alone. Perhaps I should have got up, made a strong coffee and then seen whether the creative juices flowed. Being basically too lazy and knackered, I just put a Status update on Facebook that I couldn’t sleep and then tried again! However, it did remind me of all the times that I have got up at that time to travel for work and just how much the adrenaline of having a plane or train to catch, or a journey to make, a customer to visit – whatever the driving reason – pushes us when we should perhaps stop, just for a moment. Perhaps that adrenaline is a positive and the skill is simply to recognise when the tank is empty.


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