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The Wife Before Last


Matthew James Publishing


Hardcopy, Paperback, eBook

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As the world celebrates the fall of the Berlin wall three men, all ex-Stasi operatives, exploit the chaos and escape Germany. Thick as thieves the trio stick together; quietly reinventing themselves in the shadows of the British criminal underworld. Michael and Richard still live and breathe the violence that got them where they are, but Marcus is different.

Crafting a sinister double life, Marcus uses the internet to target wealthy and vulnerable women for his own financial gain. However when one of his scores goes wrong and the gang’s money is on the line, Marcus goes into hiding knowing that his partners are out to get him.

From the hidden corners of the dark web to the vibrant cityscapes of Europe, The Wife Before Last is a high-stakes game of deception. Revenge may be best served cold, but survival demands staying off the menu.

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Seeing the Light

The Spark

 A few years ago, during a sales meeting at a previous place of work, I jotted down a comment made regarding someone owing the company money under unusual circumstances. It mushroomed from there! Also, knowing from personal experience that one is often down, and therefore a bit vulnerable when joining dating websites, plus the prevalence of online crime these days, provided additional material, as did my experience of living in Germany.

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