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The Armistice Killer

Heroes aren't always heroic


Nine Elms Books


Paperback, eBook

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The plot of The Armistice Killer is as intriguing as the characters who stalk its pages all the way from Cornwall to Afghanistan.

The bizarre and brutal murder of a military hero - retired RSM Tom Wright - sets in motion a complex investigation headed by the troubled Inspector Logan.

The detective's prosopagnosia - facial recognition blindness - is almost the least of his problems as his overlapping inner demons and desires threaten his professional competence.

But it's not only faces that confuse Logan as he struggles to read the minds and motives of a compelling, dysfunctional cast of characters, where nobody is quite what they seem, including the murdered soldier himself. Yet Logan's flashes of intuitive genius likewise constantly unsettle those who would remain faceless.

Can Logan and his deputy Pascoe keep on the trail of blood as it leads their investigation up more dark alleys - most of them blind, and some of them heading into their own disturbed pasts?

The Armistice Killer's parade of clues, red herrings, lies and deceits will keep the reader guessing to the last page.

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Seeing the Light

The Spark

The flat I used to live in looked across open fields. One night, looking out of the bedroom window, I thought I could see a figure standing beneath a tree, but it was indistinct, given the lack of streetlighting, no matter how hard I stared. I knew there were two ponies in that field during the day, but at night they were in stables, unlike my imagination!

“This novel leads you into a wonderful labyrinth, always keeping enough of the way ahead lit."
"This is an elegantly written and conceived ‘who done it’ the plot of which is worthy of Agatha Christie."
I was very impressed by Palin’s ability to weave together the strands of a complex and intriguing plot in a way that keeps you engaged from the first chapter to the very last page.”
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