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This Changed

The truth is dangerous


Nine Elms Books


Paperback, eBook

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This Changed Everything is a dark psychological thriller that has more surprising twists and turns than the wild Cornish road on which newly pregnant Claire Treloggan suffers a sinister and voyeuristic sexual assault.

Inspector Ben Logan – an enigmatic police officer who has risen quickly through the ranks despite the problems he struggles to control and hide, not least of which is the prosopagnosia which renders him incapable of recognising faces.

When the events of a few years later bring Claire and Logan together again their mutual attraction can no longer be contained. But after her daughter

Cissie starts to suffer troubling nightmares Claire seeks help from her best friend, psychologist Freddy Dessler. Under hypnosis the little girl quotes the words of a sinister shadow which is getting closer, and the results for Claire and Logan will be more unexpected and shocking than they could ever have imagined. 


This weaves together the stories of two very damaged people – Claire and Logan. Each has a hidden agenda, there is no room for compromise, and both are being pushed towards a cliff edge below which their personal demons await them.

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Seeing the Light

The Spark

Listening to a friend telling me about the stories she read to her restless child at night got me wondering whether telling bedtime tales sometimes brings peace to the teller as well! Regarding the character of Ben Logan, I have always understood the nature of Imposter Syndrome, so the idea of a policeman who suffers prosopagnosia (face blindness) fascinated me.

“Do not want to spoil, but the ending blew my mind. Definitely recommend."
"I have never read a novel before that has made me gasp out loud."
A real page turner, I couldn't put it down.
Full of unexpected twists and surprises.
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